Back to the Future: The Musical review – the car’s the star

Adelphi theatre, London
This is a splashy theatre-film mashup, with gravity-defying effects, cute quirks and offbeat gags

How does a car speed at 88mph on stage? That must have been the biggest challenge for this musical adaptation of the hit 1985 film about Marty, Doc and the time-travelling DeLorean, which has to achieve that ferocious velocity to tear back across the decades to 1955. Kudos to the production for pulling off the effect so spectacularly.

, Back to the Future: The Musical review – the car’s the star, The Nzuchi Times Guardian

It really does seem as if the DeLorean is defying the laws of theatre, if not the time-space continuum. The effect is created through a plethora of screens, graphic projections (video design by Finn Ross) and a firework of illuminations (lighting design by Tim Lutkin) that sear beyond the proscenium arch and into the auditorium with the most dazzling illusion of depth at the back of the theatre as well. It sparks a shower of light and colour that, in its magnitude, looks little short of the turning on of the West End’s Christmas lights.

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