Robert Lewandowski double seals stroll for Bayern Munich at Barcelona

“This will be an interesting game to draw conclusions about where we are,” Ronald Koeman had said. The answer, as they suspected, was a long way off the teams who aspire to win the Champions League. For now, at least. Thirteen months later Barcelona were beaten by Bayern Munich once again. It wasn’t eight, but it wasn’t great either. Two goals from Robert Lewandowski and one from Thomas Muller completed a 3-0 victory but it wasn’t even about the numbers, it was about the overwhelming sense of superiority.

Bayern had ultimately eased to this victory, the final minutes played out to the fans here ironically cheering a ball being thrown around the stands rather than one being passed around the pitch, of which there were not many that mattered. As for shots on target, there were none of them from the home side. The game by then had long since escaped Barcelona; only very briefly had they been in it. Bayern were just too good, perhaps predictably.

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