Shine review – a positively radiant one-man show

Live theatre, Newcastle
Kema Sikazwe – AKA actor and rapper Kema Kay – performs a sunny, charming but vulnerable musical monologue about growing up in the northeast of England

Kema Sikazwe’s first name means “the one who shines” in the language of his Zambian parents. It suits him. The rapper and actor, who also performs as Kema Kay, has a radiance that draws you to him. For all the fast-talking punch of his lyrics, he comes across as a good soul, an innocent trying to make sense of a world that hasn’t always reciprocated his positive intentions.

, Shine review – a positively radiant one-man show, The Nzuchi Times Guardian

In this autobiographical solo show, first seen in 2019 and revised for this run, he tells a coming-of-age story about his quest to fit in. It strikes home for its honesty, vulnerability and, in its mix of spoken word and music, its virtuosity – that and the finely tuned production by Graeme Thompson.

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