Should you go private or choose a uni hall?

The private halls sector has boomed, thanks to swish facilities. But the price difference compared to uni halls can be staggering

You might have seen the shiny new buildings and be wondering whether to live in private halls next year. But it’s worth bearing in mind that these can be expensive, with gyms and en-suite rooms pushing up the prices providers can charge.

Most first-year students moving away from home will decide whether to live in private housing blocks or halls of residence run by their university.

, Should you go private or choose a uni hall?, The Nzuchi Times Guardian

Cost could be a deciding factor: a report by the National Union of Students (NUS) and Unipol suggested that average prices for en suite rooms in 2018/19 were £145 per week at universities, and just £3 more at private providers. However standard stock in universities was much cheaper than in the private sector: £117 as opposed to £126.

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