Why are so many Covid-made films focused on rich people?

Film-makers scrambling together projects during difficult conditions have decided mostly to base their work on couples with money above all else

When all is said and done, the quarantine movie might be Hollywood’s briefest genre. It was borne only out of circumstance. When the world went into lockdown last spring and Hollywood effectively paused all productions, several film-makers discovered they didn’t have an off switch, so they conjured up projects that could be filmed during lockdown, each with a limited crew, small cast, and single location. These films, including Malcolm & Marie, Locked Down, Together, and Language Lessons, will forever be considered not as individual works but as a collective. That is, if they are considered at all. Even though not all of these films are explicitly about Covid-19, it’s impossible to think of them outside of the context in which they were made. When this pandemic is over for good, it’s quite possible that no one will ever want to be reminded of it.

, Why are so many Covid-made films focused on rich people?, The Nzuchi Times Guardian

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